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One man’s trash…

One man's trash
One man’s trash

While cleaning your home this spring, take a moment to honestly evaluate the usefulness of your “throwaway” before you throw it in the trash. Many of the things that North Americans put into the garbage are not only functional, but also have a lot of uses to them.

Those old pajamas, underwear and t-shirts that you’re fond of tossing in the trash can be turned into cloth rags for cleaning at home, or for other organizations to help under-privileged earn a subsistence income through using them for cloth crafting.

Items such as loose leaf pages of paper, construction paper, crayons (broken and whole), markers, pens and pencils are perfectly useful in so many contexts. Not only can they be used by those who don’t have the funds to purchase them for themselves, they also make great tools for the eternal crafts person who doesn’t mind if the blue crayon melted into the purple crayon just a bit.  They can also provide much needed school supplies for a child whose parent(s) can’t afford the things they need to succeed in school.

Even items like hotel soaps, samples of shampoo, conditioner, sanitary pads, and toothpaste come in handy. Many organizations which serve the poor in your community ask for these items, as impoverished people don’t have the money to spend on soaps and things when they need to eat. Having these small personal care items can make a huge difference in how under-privileged people feel about themselves, and give them the boost they need to be more successful in life.

In October, JB Dondolo will be holding a fundraising gala to benefit our programs in Africa and in the USA. When you’re spring cleaning, consider donating your mint or excellent condition items to help us reach our fundraising goals. With your support, we will be able to help people in our local and international communities!


Reflection and Vision

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

The familiar lyrics to this song, long associated with bringing in the New Year, reminds us that 2014 has come to an end and 2015 is just begun. For me, this is a time to look back at the year that’s passed, and to look to the future.

2014 was an important year for JB Dondolo. So much has happened. First of all, while JB Dondolo was founded in 2013, it took until the third quarter of this year for us to get our 501c3 status. Because we are now officially a charitable organization, we’ve been able to register on Causes.com. So far, we’ve been able to raise $1,500 in cash donations and have been busy sending out grant inquiries and grant letters to help us achieve our vision.

That doesn’t happen easily. In fact, it’s taken a lot of time and effort to set up our campaigns online, to kick them off, create an e-Newsletter to communicate with our supporters, and to create a blog to educate people about JB Dondolo, Inc. as a charity and to spread our message. This has taken the effort of ten volunteers, and I am immensely thankful for their support.

In order for us to take care accomplish our first mission, we will need another $9,500 and many more volunteers to help us. Once we raise these funds through donations, we’ll begin with painting the walls, replacing windows, doors and the roof of the Igusi Hospital. Only then can we install a clean water system for the Hospital.

One way that we’re raising funds is through sales of our charity bracelets and t-shirts. When you purchase our bracelet, you show your support for our organization. Wearing our bracelet can also encourage conversation, and makes it possible for you to “Tell One – Save Lives” by telling one person about the meaning of the bracelet and asking them to buy one and tell a friend to do the same.

2014 has been a fabulous year for me personally as well. I’ve been featured on CNBC.com, Bloomberg Businessweek, Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance and the Boston Globe. I hope that your 2014 has been everything you wanted it to be.

As we begin the New Year, I’d like to wish you a very Happy 2015. Please, take a moment and share with us one of your highlights from the past year and one of your dreams for the new year.

Making Wishes Come True


“When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”(Walt Disney)

How often have you wished for something? Maybe it was a new car, or a new house. Maybe you wished you were healthier, thinner, sexier. Perhaps you wished for wealth, companionship, or family. Whatever your wish, chances are it was a selfish wish. It was one that was focused on something that you truly and deeply desire.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to do so. What I am saying is that we spend a lot of time wishing things for our self and not for others. Not wishes like “I wish so and so wasn’t so nasty” or  “I wish this person would drop dead.” I mean wishes like “I wish health for my sick uncle” or “I wish we could all just get along.”

Some people might call these wishes prayers, and for many people, prayers and wishes might be seen as one and the same. I’m not going to get into semantics about wishes and prayers here.

It is my firm belief that however, when we express a wish, we are always given the power to help that wish come true. We all have the ability to contribute to making a wish become reality.

If you could wish one thing for the world (or even just for your community), what would your wish be?

Would it be for peace? To end hunger?  To end suffering and disease?

I learned how wishes work through my father, who wished to improve the Igusi hospital to benefit the community of Nyamandlovu,Zimbabwe.Wishes take action. It’s not enough to simply say “I wish” and to wait for things to happen. You have to help them happen. My father spent countless hours trying to refinish the hospital, to make it possible for the doctors and nurses to provide care for the community.

When he passed away, my siblings and I decided to carry on his mission; that is why JB Dondolo was formed. Now, our father’s wish has become ours.

Our wish, this year, is to raise enough money to be able to remove sediment in the water, to provide safe water for use in the hospital. This will make it possible for the doctors and nurses to provide the care that the community needs. Please donate to JB Dondolo and help make our wish come true!



Just a few weeks ago, Americans celebrated Thanksgiving. This observance is meant to be a time when families come together to celebrate their common heritage and to give thanks for what they have.

Gratitude is such a simple thing. It’s taking a moment to truly appreciate everything. I try to practice gratitude every single day. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a home to shelter me, I am clothed, and I have enough to eat. I learned, through my father’s example, that although I may not have everything I want, I have much to be thankful for.

When my father was just eight years old, his parents tragically passed away. Because he was the oldest child, my father then was left to care for his younger siblings by himself. At least, that is what most Western culture would have you believe. In truth, my father received support from other families in the village where he lived.
Because of the care and support that my father received, he was always thankful for the gift of his life. He always showed us, through his daily life, how thankful he was for what others did for him by helping others who needed it.

When we first came to Nyamandlovu, Zimbabwe, my father was appalled by the conditions of the local hospital. The water supply was inadequate, there were not enough delivery beds in the maternity ward, and there weren’t enough toilets and showers to keep sanitary conditions.

Although we didn’t have much by western standards, our family had enough. Our father made it his mission to refinish the Igusi hospital. Sadly, he succumbed to his own illness before his mission could be complete.

Now, my siblings and I are taking up his mission, to refinish the Igusi hospital through our charitable organization JB Dondolo. We have much to do. We are working to ensure there is safe water for the hospital to use. We need to replace the rotting asbestos roof, and we need delivery beds for the maternity ward. We can’t do it alone. We need support in the form of donations or volunteers.

Take a moment now to remember all the things you’re thankful for. While you’re feeling gratitude for your many blessings, consider how you might help others, either at home, or elsewhere. Donate to a cause (such as JB Dondolo) or offer your skills and talents. You, and others, will have more to be thankful for.