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It is the desire of this charity to complete the Hospital Hope project started by the late father, JB Dondolo in order to fulfil his wish for “a better and healthy life for Igusi community”. JB Dondolo, Inc. is not assisted by the government.

The “Igusi Hospital Project” is in the rural area of Matabeleland (Nyamandlovu) in Zimbabwe, Africa. Igusi is really a clinic run like a hospital. JB Dondolo himself was helping with the renovations but was unable to finish due to death. Igusi Hospital lacks basic necessities. They need beds, linens, toilets, clean water, roofing, new windows, new doors, maternity ward, and much more. The hospital shares water with the school nearby. Our effort is therefore dual. JB Dondolo, Inc. charity must move quickly to save lives. There is a lot to be done at Igusi Hospital. We’ve analyzed the project, priced it, and divided it into manageable phases. The water component is very critical so we hope to begin phase one as soon as we have funding and continue raising funds for the rest of the phases.

The summary of the phases are:

Phase I (renovate)
1. Clean Water – we need to suppress lime from the source so there’s safe/clean water flowing into the pipelines. New water system needed URGENTLY, preferably a solar energy driven water system.
2. New Roof – We need to replace the corroded asbestos roofing with safe roofing materials.
3. New Windows – We need to replace all the windows.
4. New Doors – We need to replace all the doors.
5. Painting – we need to paint all the walls (inside & outside) including cottages, waiting room, laundry room and toilets.
6. New Bedding — We need to replace all the bedding with new.
7. Fencing – We need to add a fence around Igusi hospital property.
8. Medical Supplies – We need basic medical supplies that make a small hospital (Igusi) usable.

Phase II (Extend/Build)
1. Bathrooms — There are currently 2 bathrooms. We need to build 5 new bathrooms with running water (hot & cold).
2. Toilets — There is currently 1-toilet near the building. We need to build 5 new toilets with sinks and running water (hot & cold).
3. Laundry Room – we need to add more sinks in the laundry room. And have running water (hot & cold).
4. General Waiting Room – we need to extend the waiting room and add chairs.
5. Guest House – For use by doctors.
6. Medical Equipment – We need basic medical equipment so that a small hospital (Igusi) can perform basic services.

Phase III (Hospital additions / Maternity Ward)
1. Maternity — There is only 1-delivery bed and 3- recovery (post-delivery/recovery) beds. We need to build a maternity ward and add 20 new beds (with complete bedding).
2. Mothers waiting room – we need to build a mothers waiting room to accommodate mothers not yet admitted to the hospital but awaiting delivery. They need to be near the hospital for monitoring. We will build & furnish 3 cottages with 5 rooms each.
3. Emergency Care rooms — We need to build 2 emergency care/exam rooms and add some beds (with complete bedding).
4. Non-Emergency Care rooms — We need to build 10 non-emergency care rooms and add some beds (with complete bedding).

Phase IV (Basic Hospital necessities)
1. Programs & training – we need to implement programs to attract hospital staff, i.e. doctors, nurses, etc.. We also need to implement health educational programs.
2. Hospital Staffing
3. Access Roads – Roads to and from Igusi and referral hospital.

**A detailed breakdown on major items is available upon request.

NOTE: Ongoing and as needed programs:
Wellness education and Training program – We need to have wellness education and training program so the community is well prepared and health conscious at all times.


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