One man’s dream

When I say the name Martin Luther King Jr., certain things come to mind:
• Black vs white conflict
• Race riots
• His famous “I have a dream” speech
• And his assassination

What doesn’t come to mind, for many people, is the concept of what it is like to experience feeling like you don’t fit in. That experience doesn’t only come from being a different color than the person next to you. It also comes from differences in your parent’s parenting style, from the culture that they come from and pass on to you, from the church that you attend (or not as the case may be), the language you speak for example.

MLK’s dream wasn’t just about making things better for African-American people. It transcends the question of what color your skin is. It was (and is to me) about seeing each other as human, and sharing common experience. It is about equalizing opportunities for everyone to have access to education, medicine, and to aspire (and be able to achieve) their dreams, whatever they might be.

What this all comes down to is the concept of equality of all peoples. We are all human. We all have needs, wants and desires. When we recognize this, we are able to support each other so that all may have access to common resources and needs:
• Food
• Water
• A place to call home
• A people/culture to belong to
• Where they can feel safe and loved.

Does MLK’s dream still have value now? Besides the race conflicts that are happening in places like Flint, Michigan, I say that it does… and it compels us to help support others who suffer from persecution, or who are in need of those essentials for life.

It is my dream, and that of JB Dondolo, to help the community of Igusi have access to medical services to support the community. But for that to happen, we need support from our community in America and in Africa. We need financial donations to cover the costs of the materials we will need to do our repairs. We need volunteers to help us renovate and restore the Igusi hospital, to replace the crumbling roof, to remove asbestos, to ensure there is safe drinking water in the hospital and nearby school, and to be able to provide safe ways to remove waste.
To donate, click here.
To volunteer, click here.
Help us make this dream come true.


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