One man’s trash…

One man's trash
One man’s trash

While cleaning your home this spring, take a moment to honestly evaluate the usefulness of your “throwaway” before you throw it in the trash. Many of the things that North Americans put into the garbage are not only functional, but also have a lot of uses to them.

Those old pajamas, underwear and t-shirts that you’re fond of tossing in the trash can be turned into cloth rags for cleaning at home, or for other organizations to help under-privileged earn a subsistence income through using them for cloth crafting.

Items such as loose leaf pages of paper, construction paper, crayons (broken and whole), markers, pens and pencils are perfectly useful in so many contexts. Not only can they be used by those who don’t have the funds to purchase them for themselves, they also make great tools for the eternal crafts person who doesn’t mind if the blue crayon melted into the purple crayon just a bit.  They can also provide much needed school supplies for a child whose parent(s) can’t afford the things they need to succeed in school.

Even items like hotel soaps, samples of shampoo, conditioner, sanitary pads, and toothpaste come in handy. Many organizations which serve the poor in your community ask for these items, as impoverished people don’t have the money to spend on soaps and things when they need to eat. Having these small personal care items can make a huge difference in how under-privileged people feel about themselves, and give them the boost they need to be more successful in life.

In October, JB Dondolo will be holding a fundraising gala to benefit our programs in Africa and in the USA. When you’re spring cleaning, consider donating your mint or excellent condition items to help us reach our fundraising goals. With your support, we will be able to help people in our local and international communities!


2 thoughts on “One man’s trash…”

  1. I think this idea is twofold: It will benefit the organization now and it will benefit it in the future as it presents the opportunity to enlighten people as to how they should live their lives more cognizant of what they consider ‘trash’ so they will donate it in the future.

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