Making Wishes Come True


“When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”(Walt Disney)

How often have you wished for something? Maybe it was a new car, or a new house. Maybe you wished you were healthier, thinner, sexier. Perhaps you wished for wealth, companionship, or family. Whatever your wish, chances are it was a selfish wish. It was one that was focused on something that you truly and deeply desire.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to do so. What I am saying is that we spend a lot of time wishing things for our self and not for others. Not wishes like “I wish so and so wasn’t so nasty” or  “I wish this person would drop dead.” I mean wishes like “I wish health for my sick uncle” or “I wish we could all just get along.”

Some people might call these wishes prayers, and for many people, prayers and wishes might be seen as one and the same. I’m not going to get into semantics about wishes and prayers here.

It is my firm belief that however, when we express a wish, we are always given the power to help that wish come true. We all have the ability to contribute to making a wish become reality.

If you could wish one thing for the world (or even just for your community), what would your wish be?

Would it be for peace? To end hunger?  To end suffering and disease?

I learned how wishes work through my father, who wished to improve the Igusi hospital to benefit the community of Nyamandlovu,Zimbabwe.Wishes take action. It’s not enough to simply say “I wish” and to wait for things to happen. You have to help them happen. My father spent countless hours trying to refinish the hospital, to make it possible for the doctors and nurses to provide care for the community.

When he passed away, my siblings and I decided to carry on his mission; that is why JB Dondolo was formed. Now, our father’s wish has become ours.

Our wish, this year, is to raise enough money to be able to remove sediment in the water, to provide safe water for use in the hospital. This will make it possible for the doctors and nurses to provide the care that the community needs. Please donate to JB Dondolo and help make our wish come true!


10 thoughts on “Making Wishes Come True”

  1. Wow… such great thoughts and wishes. I like to wish for things, but they are more things that won’t happen… like I wish I won the lotto, first… I don’t play, so it would be difficult… but gives me something to dream about…. but goals are something I actually shoot for. Great post.

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